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One of the biggest misconceptions and busted myths we see in our office is that aesthetic procedures only apply to women.

GDE Aesthetics providers have expert knowledge of how to adapt the full range of aesthetic services to suit a man’s physical appearance and goals.

In today’s society, looking young is practical, not vain. Nowhere is this more true than in the workforce where youth equates to more productivity and speedy results. More and more men are looking to dermatologic procedures that offer quick fixes with no downtime and immediate natural results.

At GDE Aesthetics, we offer a personalized service in a discreet setting that’s entirely catered to you.

ANTI Wrinkle INjections

Men deserve to look and feel their best.  At GDE Aesthetics, we understand the needs of men.  We also understand their fears.  We know your goals are important.  Anti wrinkle injections do not have to result in perfectly smooth skin. In fact, men want to age gracefully and we can achieve that while keeping you looking a fresh, more youthful version of yourself.

Laser tREatments

Men also want a more tighter and firmer appearance all over their face and neck. They start to see their skin lose its youthful aspect and look weather beaten from sun damage. That’s where lasers come in. Lasers can also tackle sunspots and redness. 


Men are generally afraid that injectable fillers will make them look feminine. However, there are masculine techniques. Fillers are one of the most versatile and effective tools we use for a more youthful appearance. We use them in a conventional way for men.  The key is using the proper amount for a natural appearance. Men use fillers to create a more rested look and, fill in deep grooves and hollows. Treatment around the eyes is growing in popularity to remedy dark circles and that sunken tired look.

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At GDE Aesthetics, we work with every client to help you achieve your desired results. Please find below a selection of our recent work.

Christy Hutchins

The best experience!! knowledgeable, professional, gentle, the list goes on!!! thank you very much, Graham

Diane Deerman Petty

Graham is the best. He is so professional, patient, and gentle. He takes the time to explain everything he’s doing. He is my new best friend. Can’t wait till next time.